I’ve always thought it would be neat to do an FAQ, however, I was never really sure I had much to answer questions about. But I figured this would be bun and be informative, too.

Oh, and I’ve actually been getting questions from Readers. How awesome is that? So this is for them!

The FAQ’s will change from time to time depending on what I’m working on, so check back every once in a while! So here goes nothing!

The Written Word Series:

Q – What’s the status on this series? Will we ever see the last book Necropolis: The Written Word Book Seven?

A – Good news! It'll be published on February 22nd!

Q – Why the long wait between books five and six?

A – Well, that’s got a couple of reasons. One, the story had grown big, I didn’t know how to end it. I also didn’t think I could do it. But one reader out there gave me a push. This book is for her. I do apologize that it’s been well over a year, though.

Q – I miss the free Guidebooks that you used to have for free on your site, are they going to be back up?

A – Good news! I’ve repackaged the Guidebooks (previously published as The Written Word: The Beginning, The Power of Magic and The Balance of Power) and it will be coming out soon as a free download. More news on that as it develops.

Q – Who’s the final couple in the series going to be?

A – I’m not saying! You’ll have to wait and find out.

The Hope Falls Trilogy:

Q – So, what the heck? You write about soap operas now? What the heck?

A – Hey, all books are soaps, in a way. Don’t you want to just be reeled in by a good story?

Q – These are a bit different than your usual romantic work, right?

A – Yep, though they do have romance in them, but it’s pretty soft; it’s a soap right?

Q – What are these books about?

A – They are about three soap stars, each fighting for their lives, against someone else’s twisted games. They’re told in the style of a soap opera. This means that it can get a little over the top, but I wanted to pay homage to a form of storytelling I like (when the story is good) and have fun at the same time.

Q – So are they as hot than your previous releases? What’s the content like?

A – I wrote the Hope Falls Trilogy for everyone to enjoy. And I hope you do. Though the books are geared towards the romance crowd, it’s also a satirical spoof on soap opera’s and all that they are.

Q – How do I get toHopeFalls?

A – Well, you can buy hope falls by clicking on this handy link:


The other two books will be available in short order.

Q – But, seriously, I want to go there. It sounds awesome!

A – Ah, not all is what it seems, but aHopeFallsweb site will be coming out in January. Stay tuned for more info!

Upcoming Releases

Q - What’s next in the Pipeline?

A – A few things: Necropolis: The Written Word Book Seven will be released on February 22nd from Cobblestone Press, Dragons Cove will be released by Books We Love Ltd. in March as well as The Fruit Machine: Discovery from Breathless Press.

What’s next?

Q – So what are you working on now? Anything I’d like to know about?

A – Well I'm working full time and going to school at the moment, so I'm doing a lot of school work. But I am working on a horror novel and the 2nd book in the Knight and Daye Trilogy for Cobblestone Press titled Blood Magic.

Q – Can you tell us anything about the novel?

A – Not yet, I have to write it first!

Q – Can you tell us anything more?

A – Sure, I'm also working on developing an app for a book of short stories that I wrote.

Q – Isn’t it odd to work on three things at once? I mean, don’t most writers work on one thing at a time?

A – I don’t know, you’d have to ask them. But each writer practices their craft in their own way.

Q – But isn’t that a lot of storylines to remember?

A – Yes, but I don’t mind.

Q – Why’s that?

A – Because the words will wait until it is their turn to show themselves on the page.

Q – Dude, that sounds freaking crazy. You know that right.

A – (Thinks about it) Probably.