A Little Word About The Written Word Series

The Written Word Series has been somewhat of a journey for me. I never intended The Written Word to be an entire series (spanning seven books). It was only ever supposed to be a one off.

I had an idea to write a romantic story between one man who could see what he shouldn't have been able to see...and the rest just happened. It was only supposed to be one book, but the story and the characters took over.

It's amazing that we've gotten this far. I knew by book three that there would have to be seven books to tell Owen's story in completion. I just didn't know how I'd get there most of the time!

Thankfully, I've told his story. Owen is in two other series of books and you can think of these as two alternate versions of Owen; but The Written Word has always been his real and true story.

Writing the final book in The Written Word Series is not only like saying goodbye to that world, it's like saying goodbye to someone I know. I won't use the character of Owen again, his story has been told.

However, I am absolutely thrilled that you get to experience the ending of The Written Word Series, right along with me.

You can get your copy of Necropolis by clicking HERE.





Did you know...

My recent novella, A Fine Vintage, has a very direct link to The Written Word Series. While it doesn't take place within the time frame of The Written Word Series (think of this as a prequel of sorts), it does introduce a key character who only has a minor role to play in The Written Word: Berkus Black.

I wanted to get to know him a little better and you can, too! Get your copy of A Fine Vintage from the lovely folks at Cobblestone Press.




The Power of The Written Word

While I was writing The Written Word Series, I started to wonder how a world like that came to be. I had assumed that a world of magic had always been around Owen. However, I had no idea what to think of its origin; Garden City is where the books takes place, but it could be anywhere.

As I plotted, I began to wonder how the magic the characters within the stories got their magic. It led me back to myths and I thought I would write a few of my own.

The Power of The Written Word consists of three guidebooks that I wrote as companions to the series. They were only ever available for a limited time but I've repackaged all three here in one handy volume.

You can download in your choice of formats below. The Power of The Written Word is my gift to you. I hope you enjoy it and, for those of you who haven't read the series, I hope it inspires you to find out more...


The Power of The Written Word Guidebook.pdf The Power of The Written Word Guidebook.pdf
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The Necropolis Theme

I listen to a lot of music while I write. I wanted to find a piece of music that would somehow sum up the danger, the action, the magic, the passion of The Written Word Series.

Click below to download The Necropolis Theme song, if you will. You can play it while you're reading the book or while you're doing your own writing and discovering the power of The Written Word. 

Given what Owen has to go through in The Written Word Series, the title of the song seems appropriate. Enjoy!

Forest For The Trees.mp3 Forest For The Trees.mp3
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