So, like, what is Talking Poems, like, Serially? 

The entire collection of Talking Poems is being given out for free in a variety of different formats. It will eventually consist of a completed eBook and a printed version. Right now, if you’d like to read the current version of Talking Poems, you can do it in one of two other ways:

You can read the collection for free using WattPad. You can do this online using your computer, or using your phone and the app. This is where I place the VERY rough cuts of the poems that make up Talking Poems. You can check it out here:

You can also download the current edition of Talking Poems via Amazon .ca, .com or The eBook is $0.99 and will be updated once this project is final. The eBook can be read on your Kindles or on your Amazon compatible device with apps such as your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Devices, etc.

It is also available here. I had considered a few other ways to try this, but figured, why not just stay home? I hope you enjoy this serial poetry experiment. This poem is available to you for free in .mobi, .pdf and .epub formats. Three new poems will go up each week until the collection is done and they will continue to remain here.

I wanted to try something different. People love short novellas and eBooks (look at the success of Margaret Atwood's Positron Series from Byliner). I already give away free eBooks and novellas, but I've never given away poetry before. Hey, there's a first time for everything, right? 

I figured people could download the poems and just enjoy them as a short break from a bus ride or the wait in a line up. Enjoy!  

Now for the boring stuff. –  You are free to download it as it won’t cost you a thing. You are also free to share it, to pass it amongst friends and family. The only restriction is that no alterations be made to the text. 



Sometimes Words.pdf Sometimes Words.pdf
Size : 382.814 Kb
Type : pdf
Sometimes Words - Jamieson Wolf.epub Sometimes Words - Jamieson Wolf.epub
Size : 610.419 Kb
Type : epub
Sometimes Words - Jamieson Sometimes Words - Jamieson
Size : 670.1 Kb
Type : mobi



The Casual Vacancy.pdf The Casual Vacancy.pdf
Size : 370.533 Kb
Type : pdf
The Casual Vacancy - Jamieson Wolf.epub The Casual Vacancy - Jamieson Wolf.epub
Size : 599.798 Kb
Type : epub
The Casual Vacancy - Jamieson The Casual Vacancy - Jamieson
Size : 657.765 Kb
Type : mobi
Snippet Bees.pdf Snippet Bees.pdf
Size : 364.204 Kb
Type : pdf
Snippet Bees - Jamieson Wolf.epub Snippet Bees - Jamieson Wolf.epub
Size : 589.88 Kb
Type : epub
Snippet Bees - Jamieson Snippet Bees - Jamieson
Size : 646.902 Kb
Type : mobi