The Raven's Curse


Hey Everyone! 

I'm super excited about my new release The Raven's Curse. I had a blast with this one and I hope you do, too. 

You're in for a ride. A soap opera actress gets the ride of her life when her very unrealistic soap opera story line becomes a reality.  

Caught in a race against time, Susan Halliway must gather all her strength as she is stalked and taunted by a serial killer-in a plot twist that left her the last victim. 

Determined to protect her is Derrick Madison, cop and ex-lover, who has sworn to protect her. Will the love they had for each other rekindle itself? Or will the forces that threaten them, supernatural and otherwise, tear them apart? 

Coming to Susan's aid are Erin Edwards, the original script writer for the plot and Sandy Duran, a mysterious woman whose daughter becomes a victim of the killers twisted plot. 

They have been cursed by the Raven or the Crow. Which one has cursed them and which one can grant their freedom? 

It's my ultimate twist on pop culture, horror movies, soap opera's and zombies. You've got everything you could want in a novel, and then some, all of it for less than your morning coffee. 

So do your iPad's, Kindle's, Kobo's and iPhones and iPod's a favour and head on over to this link. It was so much fun to write and I know your chosen reading device will really appreciate it. 

It's $2.99 full of plot twists, soap opera dialogue, horror plot twists and dark things galore, with a hot and steamy romance, all for peanuts I say. The story is priceless and you can buy it for peanuts! Awesome! 

Get your copy of The Raven's Curse here: 

Or click on the handy Amazon link to the left. To sweeten the deal, I've included some free stuff below. Enjoy some awesome reviews, two free ebooks, a book video and, come soon, some behind the scenes notes and extras for the novel and some added audio content. 



“Jamieson Wolf is a gifted writer!”

Kelley Armstrong, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Otherworld Series


“A unique premise executed with humor, suspense and a touch of the macabre.  You’ll enjoy the surprising blend that Wolf brings to the world of soap operas.”

Caridad Pineiro, New York Times Best Selling Author of The Calling Series and Sins of the Flesh


“Jamieson Wolf is one of the most energetic writers around and The Raven’s Curse is a delightfully twisted soap opera of a novel. Dynasty meets Death Wish.”

Scott Pack, Publisher, The Friday Project


"Wolf entertains his reader well with suspense, action, humor, horror and a ton of quirky soap opera drama. It's time to turn off the TV and get immersed in Wolf's version of romance and plot twists! The Raven’s Curse has it all!"

Sandy Lender, Author of Choices Meant for Gods, Choices Meant for Kings and What Choices We Made


Jamieson Wolf weaves a sexy and sizzling mystery with a final twist that leaves your head in a spin. With characters that crawl immediately into your heart, The Raven’s Curse will leave you breathless and anxious for more.

Ellen C Maze, Bestselling author of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider


“Jamieson Wolf writes like Augusten Burroughs without the cynicism.”

Nasim Marie Jafry – Author of The State of Me


“The Raven’s Curse is an enthralling romp of a book. Dark secrets and dead bodies pile up as the pages turn. If soaps were like this they all would be top of the ratings. Great fun! Jamieson has done it again.”

Ron Morgans, Best Selling Author of The Fox & Farraday Mysteries


"Jamieson Wolf's talent to offer riveting out-of-the-box spins to novels and hook his readers is apparent in his newest release The Raven’s Curse."

Lea Schizas, Author of Bubba and Giganto, Doorman’s Creek and Rock of Realm


The Raven’s Curse is true to Jamieson's writing style--a piece that draws you in and holds your attention from beginning to end.  You can't finish the book without wanting more--not from lack of content, but because you feel you've lost your complete social circle when you no longer have privy to the characters life events.  This is a great book to lose yourself in on a rainy day--or take with you on a sunny one.  Whatever the day, you will only notice the weather within the pages!

Joyce Anthony, Author of Storm


The Raven's Curse is a fast paced novel, which thrills, surprises and shocks. Just when you feel you know where the story is going, Wolf pulls the rug from under your feet and leaves you breathless. There are moments of genuine horror as well underlying tales of friendship and romance. The Raven's Curse will stay with you long after you read the last sentence..."

Stephen Shieber, Author of Being Normal


Absolutely loved it! So many twists and turns, I've never been a fan of soaps but if this was on tv I'd be glued to the set every episode. I still can't believe the ending! Complete Shocker!

Jessica Abbot, a Reader

Want to find out what happens AFTER The Rave's Curse? Then why not read Blackwood and Blackwood Hills, two screenplays that follow the adventures of Sandy Duran from The Raven's Curse, after the events in the novel. 

The screenplays can be read separately from The Raven's Curse and enjoyed on their own, however, they are linked. Even cooler, the third and final screenplay in the Welcome to Blackwood screenplay trilogy titled Blackwood Farm will begin next year in April of 2013. How cool is that? 

For now, click below to download your free copies of Blackwood and Blackwood Hills. Enjoy! 


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The Raven's Curse TV Commercial...and More!

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There's more free stuff coming including an MP3 of the theme music for The Raven's Curse, a couple of audio podcasts talking about the behind the scenes of the novel and then some. 

Check back often. In the meantime, enjoy!